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Student Learning About Money  Thumbnail

Student Learning About Money

MBE Wealth Management LLC organized a book reading activity for the second grade class at St. Joseph School on April 21 as part of the celebration of Financial Literacy Month. Brent Brinker, partner/financial advisor, and Austin Lins, associate financial advisor, spearheaded the activity by reading a book by Mac Gardner, “The Four Money Bears.”

The book teaches lessons on the four basic functions of money: Spending, Saving, Investing, and Giving.

“It's an early elementary age-appropriate story about four bears who view and use money in different ways (spender bear, saver bear, investor bear, and giver bear). There are elements of each bear that are important to understand, but the lesson is that we need to learn from a young age to exude each of those four traits when viewing money. The earlier these concepts can be taught and learned, the more likely it is that one will be able to live a healthy and sound financial life,” Brinker said

- WISCNEWS Press Release