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True Guidance Comes From
Getting to Know You & Your Life Story

Step Away From The Old-School Approach...

The traditional financial planning process involves a start-to-finish linear approach that looks something like this: The planner tells the client to complete a massive questionnaire and once completed, takes the data and creates a cumbersome 100+ page financial plan. Upon presenting the 'all-knowing' binder, the client is directed to implement a number of recommendations. Typically, the client takes said binder home and where it collects dust and very few, if any, recommendations are implemented. Two years later, the client comes back in and the process starts over.

Welcome To The World Of Agile Interactive Management (AIM).

A new school of thought is entering the world of financial planning. Borrowing a page from a concept known as Agile Project Management, this approach relies on an ongoing relationship that begins with understanding your vision and prioritizing the areas that need the most immediate attention. From there we design the strategies necessary to address these and work together to bring those areas up to par. At this point, we re-evaluate and move on to the next priority. The endless questionnaires are gone. In their place are productive, collaborative conversations centered around your changing life, the adjustments needed, and ultimately your purpose. If you've never planned this way, or never planned at all, call us and let us show you how to be Agile.

Take AIM with MBE Wealth

Before moving forward together, a preliminary “Right Fit” conversation enables us to see if we’re an appropriate match to collaborate for your financial health.

Schedule Your "Right Fit" Phone Call

Uncover and Prioritize

The goal of our first meeting is to understand your current situation, help you clarify your goals, and prioritize the areas that need the most attention.

Agile Plan Design

Once we have a feel for your vision and your concerns, we go to the drawing board and begin crafting your Agile plan. We will layout your options and provide some strategies for the most important priorities.

Take Action

We've worked together to define your vision and identify the areas of concern. We've outlined strategies to bring those areas up to par. At this point, we work with you to take action and help you accomplish what needs to get done.

Review and Adjust

A major part of being Agile comes down to reviewing and reprioritizing. We'll take a look at what we've accomplished and what's next on the horizon. And then we go back to work for you...and with you.

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