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Navigating Your Financial Ship,
Fueled by Your Values

Making Sound Decisions
With an Enlightened Compass

Your investments reflect what is important to you and color your unique portfolio. With your best interest in mind, our philosophy is the fundamental guiding light to keep investment decisions on track.

We Believe In...


The Natural Efficiency of Markets


Financial markets are highly and naturally efficient, as shown in the work of Nobel Prize-winning economist Eugene Fama. By utilizing research from experts in the field, you can have a cost-efficient portfolio that captures more of the upside potential – while protecting your portfolio from downside risks.


Preparing Rather Than Predicting


Research has shown the difficulty in outguessing the market consistently over the long-term. We prefer to focus on what we can control. Preparing you with education, rather than dazzling you with predictions, is a more fruitful endeavor than trying to be one step ahead.


Customized Investing Over Speculating


The world of finance is filled with noise that promotes speculation, not investing. By placing an emphasis on individualized planning rather than following the next “best” investment idea, your portfolio represents what is most important to you. Your long-term goals are the focus – we don’t roll the dice on speculation.

Does Our Investment Philosophy Mirror Yours?

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See How We Use Intelligent Risk Tools To Help Our Clients

Go Beyond The Traditional Approach

Our questionnaire goes beyond simply measuring your tolerance for loss to consider the factors that truly make each individual unique including: goals/time horizon, career stability, industry exposure, health and related risks, local cost of living and income potential, and more.

Understand Your Portfolio Risk

The proprietary Totum Risk Metric measures potential downside. Once calculated, using portfolio returns back to 2000, the portfolio Risk Metric is mapped to a Totum Portfolio Risk Score ranging from 1-99 with descriptors from “Defensive” to “Levered”.

Change Is Normal

On average a household experiences one life event a year. We understand this requires flexibility as well as a custom solution for each client.  We also think it is important to distinguish between your Risk Capacity, or how much risk you can afford to take, vs. your Risk Preference, or how much risk you want to take.

Putting It All Together

Once completed you will have 3 scores on one easy to read graph.  You will have your risk capacity (how much risk you should be taking based on current life situation), your risk preference (how much risk you are willing to take), and the risk score of your portfolio.  We believe a more holistic approach to risk management is key to accurately building portfolios.
Riskalyze screenshot